Preventic Tick Dog Collar


    •    kills and eliminates ticks from all parts of the body.
    •    paralysis ticks in dogs for up to 2 months.
    •    has an active constituent called Amitraz which inhibits 
         the tick from 'feeding' on your dog.
    •    PREVENTIC detached and removes ticks before they infect. 
    •     And it works continuously for up to 2 months.



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Style Number: VIR555-CONFIG

Product Detail: Preventic Tick Dog Collar

Virbac Preventive 2 Month Tick Collar For Dogs

The Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs is manufactured by Virbac (Australia) Pty Ltd.

It is an easy to use product which helps control ticks, including the paralysis tick, for up to 8 weeks.

The collar slowly releases the active ingredient which migrates over the dog's entire body. The powder released is insoluble in water and has a high affinity for hair and skin.

How to use the product

This product can be used on healthy non-lactating dogs over the age of 16 weeks.

The collar should be placed around the dog's neck and fit such that 2 or 3 fingers can easily be placed between the animal's neck and the collar. If the collar is fitted too tightly irritation may occur. Any excess length of collar should be removed and disposed of to prevent the animal from chewing on it. Owners should wash their hands after handling the collar.

The collar should be replaced every 8 weeks for continual coverage.

The collar should be removed immediately if local irritation is noted.


Daily tick searches are still recommended for maximal tick protection during tick season.



One size is available, a 60cm collar.

Active ingredients

The active ingredient in this product is Amitraz at a concentration of 90g/kg. Amitraz is a neurotoxin which works by affecting the central nervous system of the tick.

Contraindications and warnings

Do not administer to sick or convalescing animals.

Do not use on puppies under the age of 16 weeks.

Not to be used on lactating bitches.

Do not allow animals to chew the collar.

Do not allow children to handle the collar.

Wash hands after applying the collar and dispose of excess collar length immediately.

Do not use this product in any manner contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Seek prompt veterinary or medical attention if poisoning occurs or contact The Poisons Information Centre.

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Best Thing to Keeps Ticks Away
Written by MStewart
Apr 12, 2017

First bought this product from my vet at double the price a few years ago. So happy Joes Pet Meds started to carry it here at half the cost. We live in a wooded area in Fl and ticks are a problem year round. This collar helps keeps ticks off my dog longer than even suggested. Highly Recommend!!

Tick Free
Written by Meg
Feb 26, 2017

Ticks love my Terv and unfortunately she is seizure prone. I have used Frontline but that only kills the ticks once they bite. I was told to try Seresto but that can cause seizures. Someone suggested Preventic and it has been a life saver. With Frontline I was pulling 5-10 dead ticks off my dog's head a week in the summer. Once I put a Preventic collar on her, I never saw another tick. It has a minty smell so I don't love that, but it is better than the smell of the flea collars my parents used on their dogs back in the day. She has been treated for Lyme once so keeping the ticks at bay is a priority. Preventic does that. I wish I could wear one.

No More Ticks!
Written by Cheryl McGhee
Apr 01, 2016

My babies, two Great Danes, and I live in a wooded area in Arkansas. These tick collars are wonderful. I get them every year, and they last for more than the two months. If they made one for humans, I'd have them on all the Kids !!!! Thanks

Tick collars for my two dogs
Written by Lohan
Aug 17, 2015

I love how this one works. So simple and easy to use. Just snap it on and your dogs are now protected from ticks. You can let them play outdoors with worrying from ticks.

This Collar really works!
Written by Cheryl McGhee
Jun 28, 2015

I have two Great Danes, so all meds are double for them. Thanks to Joe's I can afford to treat them for worms, ticks, and fleas. We live in a wooded area and ticks were a big problem. One day after I put these collars on them, no more ticks! Amazing. Thank you Joe

Buy works!!!
Written by Paula K
May 09, 2015

Here in Connecticut, USA, we have tons of ticks. Very, very few since using this collar and after a week....none at all. It works!

Love Joe's
Written by Linda
May 09, 2015

I have 8 dogs and I won't have them to have the best of everything, but can't afford it as I could if I only had one or two. I found Joe's Pet Meds a few years ago while searching for alternative products and have been buying from him ever since. I love the Preventic flea and tick collar and I also use the heartworm preventative from here. I want the best for my pups and Joe's has let me give it to them. Thanks always,

great tick prevention
Written by annB.
Mar 14, 2015

I love this product! I live in the mountains where there are many, many ticks, and this is the only product I've tried that keeps the ticks away from my pooches! It's easy to use, and the fact that one collar lasts two months, it's economical too. Thanks Preventic!!

No More Ticks!
Written by Denise
Dec 27, 2014

My dogs had terrible trouble with ticks until I finally tried Preventic collars. I had treated my yard MANY times, but the dogs still brought in ticks. I have NO trouble now. I do find that the collars last a lot longer than 2 months, but I am sure a fresh one goes on in the summer. Thanks Joe's!!!

Ticks totally gone!
Written by Wini
Nov 03, 2014

2e suffered for a long time picking over a hundred ticks a day off our dogs. Nothing worked. Once we put this collar on there has never been a single tick! Mahalo!