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Excelent Vendor
Written by Gotero
Oct 24, 2018

Good Prices ans excellent service. Delivery to the US is surprisingly quick.
Written by
Oct 22, 2018

You've been reliable for over 10 years! Thanks Joes Pet Meds. Always great prices with quick delivery. Customer service is great too!

Joes Pet Meds
Written by Nathaniel Svette
Oct 21, 2018

Best product out there! Great prices and quick shipping. I have had one problem with shipping that was resolved immediately. Excellent customer service, fast, friendly.

Written by Mary
Sep 23, 2018

Best stuff ever, all 5 cats love it as much as my wallet, thankx Joes Pet Meds for making it affordable to keep my fur babies flea free.

Revolution for Cavies
Written by Parson
Sep 01, 2018

This is the best product for us to use for all kinds of parasites on our cavies. It works great, and we get it in good shipping time. Price is reasonable.

Preventer Plus
Written by Joanne
Jul 23, 2018

I have been using Preventer plus on my 2 dogs for several years, they work great and I have yet to see 1 flea on them or fail at heart wort test. Joes makes it affordable and I know they are covered healthwise. Thank you Joe's for being so affordable. It just takes a while to receive product.

thumbs up
Written by Sally
Jul 22, 2018

Me an my family have ordered from here before an I have not been disappointed as of yet ..

Great Products and even Greater Price
Written by Jim
Jul 17, 2018

Have been a repeat customer here at Joes Pet Meds for about five or six years and will keep coming back based on the quick shipping, great products and even greater prices. Due the low prices and great selection our cat benefits by being afforded the products he needs to stay healthy. Thank you again for the great service and great products.

about the product Bravecto
Written by Joanne Rooks
Jul 13, 2018

I have had no fleas or ticks on my dog since using this product 2 1/2 years ago. Excellent product

Prompt delivery of high quality meds
Written by Jason P.
Jun 19, 2018

First time user. Product ordered shipped within a day. Website provided timely updates of shipment. I will definitely order more from this site!!!!