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Great product and very good shipping!
Written by Pennie
Oct 11, 2017

I am very pleased with my purchase with Joe's pet they are awesome! Great prices and great shipping and awesome products for my fur babies!!!!!

Joe's Pet Meds Are Fantastic!
Written by djpla
Oct 09, 2017

Joe's Pet Meds is a fantastic company and a life saver! The prices are excellent and very much a help. I have 5 dogs and Joe's Pet Meds have been a real dream come true to find. The vets charge so much more to obtain the same Heartworm/Flea and Tick Meds that Joe's Pet Meds provide for a reasonable cost and without prescriptions. Joe's Pet Meds is Heaven sent. Joe's Pet Meds staff is very customer service oriented and always helpful. Thank you

Written by Carol
Oct 07, 2017

Cannot beat the price, it will save me a lot of money over a year period. Glad I found this site, it was recommended by a friend

Joe's Meds is the best!
Written by Pat
Oct 03, 2017

I have been buying Revolution from Joe's Pet Meds for my dog and cat for probably 4 years. Why would you buy this (or maybe other medications for your animal friend) anywhere else? It's much, much cheaper than buying it from my vet (who is GREAT, but I pay enough in veterinary bills and can use savings in the medications). Joe's Pet Meds is also cheaper or just as cheap as any other place on the internet and, of course, no prescription is needed (for Revolution, anyway). Joe's Pet Meds always ships quickly and their team is quite friendly and helpful. Thanks, JPM!

Joes Pet Meds is my 'Go To' provider of dog meds
Written by John Despic
Oct 03, 2017

Good selection. Better prices than at the vet's office, or other sites I checked online. Easy ordering. What is there not to love about Joe's Pet Meds?

Discounted without a perscription
Written by Barbara
Oct 03, 2017

I love Joes because I can get the same perscription meds the vet perscribes without a vet script and at a discounted price I cant find anywhere else. Delivery is fast, within a week, and reliable. I have been using them for over 10yrs. I love Joes!!

Best ever
Written by Jim
Sep 28, 2017

Joe's has my devoted loyalty for providing superior products at a fantastic price. Recently I bought a replacement for Advocate. It didn't work at all on fleas on my cats. Joe's gladly refunded my money without hesitation. I subsequently reordered Advocate and it works as it always has for the past 12 years.

Written by paws
Sep 27, 2017

I have been getting heartworm meds from Joe's Pet Meds for years and have never had a problem. Their delivery has been great. I have even recommended to my friends to buy from them.

Written by Ronnie Gersh
Sep 24, 2017

I have used this product on all 10 dogs I have had since 1971. Now that I have a new dog I choose to buy advocate again
Written by jerry vaughn
Sep 20, 2017

The best flea product on the market.Our friend ordered advocate for his dog and it killed every flea.He tried everything and nothing worked until he tried advocate from Joe's pets.We had the same results.Thank you Joe's pets.