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Best Heart Worm preventative EVER!
Written by merrylisa1
Jun 22, 2017

I have 3 incredible, and large, dogs. They are my family and I wouldn't trust their heart worm needs to anyone but Joe's! They are friendly and very affordable. Thanks Joe's!

Ebb loves Joe!
Written by Darryl Strange
Jun 21, 2017

Hi Joe, I'm a mini schnauzer in Louisiana and we have the worst fleas, ticks, worms and critters that the world has produced! Thank you for all your great meds and products that keep me feeling good and healthy! And the guy who drives me around and feeds me says thanks for saving us money! At Joes it's "Laissez les bon temps rouller" for pets!

Love Joe's Pet Meds
Written by Mini Aussie Mom
Jun 15, 2017

Love ordering from Joes pets meds! Easy ordering, discount prices on name brand & generic preventatives and arrives fairly quickly!! I always recommend Joe's Pet Meds to others.

Great Prices, Never failed to deliver.
Written by John in Tennessee
Jun 14, 2017

I've been using Joe's for five or six years, now. Once, the prices were even better, and Joe would ship from the absolutely cheapest locality (occasionally Southeast Asia). Thanks to TPP talks, however, those days are over. Nevertheless, Joe's prices are the lowest available (even taking into account 'discounts' given by other vendors). Furthermore, I live in a State that has almost a 10% sales tax on 'local' purchases. Taking that into account, Joe's (even including shipping) is cheaper (save $10 on every order). Don't get me wrong, I would gladly pay State tax if I thought it would go to good use, however my State is trying to destroy public education by supporting corporate-run charter schools and religious schools. Instead of supporting a social commons, they use my tax dollars to finance a reduction in taxes on the wealthy and corporations. (Highways are funded by a gasoline tax, which I pay.) So, Joe's is my choice, still.
Written by Traci
Jun 14, 2017

I have used joes pet meds for years and had done a lot of research trying to find the best flea and tick prevenative and the best heart worm preventative for a great price. I found joespetmeds and have ordered ever since. I simply can not find the same product for this good of price. My orders have always come in a timely fashion and have always had everything included that I ordered, never any mix ups. I will continue to use joes pet meds for a long time in the future.
Written by Mark
Jun 11, 2017

Joe's Pet Meds (JPM) is absolutely - the best - Pet Med site - EVER. You find what you need and need what you find - for your pets. The site is well organized and then there is Joe! The Man, the Myth, the Legend - and yes the Cartoon Character image of Joe is awesome. Thanks Joe!

Written by Rene
Jun 09, 2017

I have been using this company/site for a few years to order pet medications. It has made my life so much less complicated. The prices, selections and convenience is great. I will continue to use this company.

in love
Written by kelly c
Jun 09, 2017

dear Joe I have used your products for years and still do and love them. I have told more people about your products and your site. especially when I see people looking to buy other products in stores. most people thank me unless they are desperate then I tell them buy small amount and check out your site.

Love Joes Pet Meds
Written by Cajunlady911
Jun 08, 2017

Using Joes Pet Meds for my dogs medicine is great. It's so easy to find what I need , order it , and save so much money. And, it comes quick in the mail. Thanks Joes Pet Meds.

The best
Written by susieq
Jun 06, 2017

My Henry is very important to me and I want the best products for him. Joe's has provided him with the best at the best price, I have a happy cat with a happy family. Thank you Joe's Pet Meds.