Sentinel Spectrum Chewables

  • Monthly tasty chew for the prevention and control of fleas, heart worm, and intestinal worms in dogs.
  • Beef-flavoured and palatable.
  • 97% of dogs accept them straight from the hand.

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Product Detail: Sentinel Spectrum Chewables

Sentinel Spectrum Chewables For Dogs

Sentinel Spectrum is manufactured by Novartis Animal Health Australasia Pty Ltd as a broad spectrum preventative medication against many common canine parasites.

This product is given as a once monthly oral dose and is flavoured to enhance palatability for dogs.

Dogs should be tested for heartworm by their veterinarian prior to beginning on Sentinel Spectrum.

Sentinel Spectrum aids in the control of fleas by ensuring that the life cycle of the flea is interrupted at several stages by interrupting the development of juvenile stages of the flea. Sentinel Spectrum does not kill adult fleas. Another product which kills adult fleas may be required occasionally to kill any adult fleas on the animal.

All animals in the household should be on an effective flea prevention program to ensure maximal effect of this product.

How to use the product

Sentinel Spectrum is given as an oral dosage once a month, preferably on the same date each month. It should be given with a full meal.

Animals are dosed according to weight and as such a growing animal's weight will need to be monitored to ensure the correct dose is given each month during the animal's growth phase.

Treatment can begin at 2 weeks of age in puppies but needs to be given again at 4, 8 and 12 weeks of age before continuing on the regular monthly dosing schedule.


Four different sizes of product are available, each given according to the animal's weight.

  1. Dogs up to 4kg - orange pack
  2. Dogs 4-11kg - green pack
  3. Dogs 11-22kg - yellow pack
  4. Dogs 22-45kg - blue pack

Dogs over 45kg are dosed with the appropriate combination of tablets to equate to their weight. The packs are available in 6 and 12 packs.

Tips and tricks

In order to ensure continuity of coverage with Sentinel Spectrum, doses should be given on the same date each month. Many owners find the 1st of each month to be an easy date to remember. Dose dates should be recorded on the calendar for easy reference.

Sentinel Spectrum are a flavoured chewable tablet so dogs should readily accept the dosage. If they do not accept the tablet it can be given by placing the tablet at the back of the dog's tongue in the middle and then holding the muzzle closed and the head slightly elevated until the dog swallows. A veterinarian or veterinary nurse may be able to teach you this technique if required.

Dogs should only be given the tablet appropriate for their weight. Tablets should not be split and shared between animals.

In the case of severe flea infestations, a thorough cleaning of the animal's environment and bedding is recommended at the start of treatment.

Active ingredients

Sentinel Spectrum contains 3 active ingredients

  1. Milbemycin oxime
  2. Lufeneron
  3. Praziquantel

Contraindications and warnings

Animals that are heartworm positive may have adverse reactions to Sentinel Spectrum; therefore all dogs should be heartworm tested and be free of both adult heartworms and microfilaria prior to starting on this product.

If a dose is missed, contact your veterinarian for advice.

In the case of overdose, contact your veterinarian or poisons information centre.

Ratings & Reviews

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Awesome results
Mar 23, 2016

This past year we tried everything to get rid of fleas on our dogs. Over the counter and frontline, nothing worked until I ordered Sentinel. Within the first day my dogs stopped scratching by the second day they were flea free. I also love it helps protect against heartworms.

Great Product
Feb 24, 2016

Have been using Sentinel for over a year and have been very pleased with the results for my two small terriers. I haven't experienced any side effects.

wonderful product
Sep 15, 2015

I have used many other products for fleas and heartworm. Sentinel has been our choice for two years now....with great results.....this product is tolerable for our side effects whatever.......thank you for carrying this brand.

Raving about Sentinel
Sep 04, 2015

I have bean using Joe's Pet Meds for years and I want to tell you that I am just so excited that my Sentinel Spectrum Chews arrived within a short period of time and in the nick of time for my dogs. They were raving mad at the fleas biting them now they are flea free thanks to Joe's Pet Meds

May 14, 2015

This product may cost a little more than the others. But it is a 2 for 1 when it comes to killing fleas and preventing heartworms. I have a rescue dog that had heartworms. All it would have taken is one pill a month to have protected him from heartworms. Until you see the pain a dog goes through being treated for heartworms then you will understand the need for this medicine.