Profender Allwormer for Cats

Profender Allwormer is the only treatment your cat will ever need for feline roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms. Profender is a complete intestinal wormer for cats, without the fuss of oral dosing. It is available in different color-coded pack sizes to make it easy to treat felines of all shapes and sizes accurately: blue for cats 2.5 - 5 kg (5.5 - 11 lbs) and red for cats 5 - 8 kg (11 - 17.6 lbs).

Product contains: Emodepside and Praziquantel

Directions for use:
Twist the cap and remove this from the tube. Press the underside of the cap onto the top of the tube to break seal. Part the cat’s fur on its neck, at the base of its head. Apply the contents of tube directly onto the exposed skin. Squeeze the tube several times to release all of the solution.

Treat kittens at 8 and 12 weeks of age, and thereafter repeat treatments at three-monthly intervals from then on, or as otherwise directed by your veterinarian. Female breeding cats should also be treated at mating, then before kittening.


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Works perfectly.
Nov 19, 2013

My cat had a bout of fleas and subsequently got worms. I did some research and found Profender and then Joe's and ordered a pack instead of through my Vet who wanted to charge $40 for one dose. Worked great and he hasn't had issues since treating for fleas and Profender.

Easy to Apply and It Works
Aug 03, 2012

Profender All Wormer for Cats is great as there are no pills to force down the cats' throats or syringes for them to fight. It goes on the nape of the neck, just like Revolution. I only use it every five months, as Revolution takes care of most worms. It doesn't get them all though. Profender is the perfect secondary treatment for our cats.

Works great
Jul 06, 2012

I am always rescuing kittens and finding them homes. And also feed 20-30 cats daily. This is the best way to worm cats, don't have to try to get them to take liquid or pill dewormers. Gone are the days when I tried getting a tapeworm pill down a cats mouth that is still almost feral! Lot's less pain when they don't bite my fingers!! Just put it on back of neck and done.